Facebook in Poland has more female and young users, older users are more expensive in regards of advertising

Among Polish Facebook users 52.4% of them are women. Among the largest age group there are people from 13 to 34 years old, but older Internet users are quickly starting to arrive there too.

In September this year Facebook had 12.6 million registered Polish users – according to data from the advertising platform Catvertiser.com. In this group, 6 million were men and 6.6 million were women.

Nearly three-quarters of the Polish users are people within 13-34 years old. Visitors aged 13-18 years amounted in September to 2.6 million (20.6% of all the users), those aged 19-24 years amounted to 3 million (23.8 percent) and those within 25-34 years – 3 , 8 million (14.3 percent). However, in the last month there arrived more older users.

Because there are less older visitors, reaching them with advertising  is expensive. Rates for targeted advertising increase together with age of  the recipients at each sales model (CPC, CPA, CPM). However, for the oldest age group (65 years and older) they are slightly lower than for groups of 35-64 years.

Anna Ch

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