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German government will punish social networking sites for publication of false news

The German coalition government announced that from next year it will introduce legislation imposing on social networking sites fines for publishing false information in them. The fine’s value may reach even 500 000 euros.

Announcement of the new regulations appeared in the commentary of Thomas Oppermann, the head of the parliamentary club of the SPD German party, for the weekly Der Spiegel. According to plans, in 2017 Germany will apply the law, according to which Facebook and other social platforms will be responsible for removal in time of information appearing on these sites.

The dominant market social media platform, such as Facebook, will be obliged to open special offices in Germany, operating around the clock, 365 days a year, exclusively engaged in identifying false information provided by various sources in these sites. If the website does not respond within 24 hours by removing false content, it will be charged a financial penalty. According to the plans of the German government, the fine imposed on social media website for negligence in removing “fake news” might reach the amount of 500 thousand euros.

Answering Der Spiegel’s question, Facebook has ensured that it seriously treats the issue of publishing deceitful information. It assured that it will be in constant contact with German authorities in the fight against false news. It will consult with experts and the government to work out together an effective mechanism for removal of content that may mislead public opinion.

STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, will be opened in April 2017

The world’s largest startup campus, STATION F, will be soon opened in April 2017 in central Paris. The campus will own an area of 34,000m2 and it is dedicated for over 1,000 startups. In the startup zone there will be over 3,000 desks, private offices, meeting rooms, various event spaces, an auditorium for 360 attendees, an on-site fablab, a post office, a pop-up shop, a café, a 4-kitchen restaurant and a bar. In 2018 there will also be built a housing facility for 600 entrepreneurs to live in nearby apartments.

STATION F has just opened startup applications. You can apply to a variety of startup programs run by partners. Or you can apply to STATION F’s Founders Program from December 5th to February 5th online at www.stationf.co. The pricing is €195/desk/month.

STATION F revealed its first members: Facebook, TechShop, vente-privee, and more. Some of the first campus members will include various top-tier players from the international startup ecosystem: the incubator of top French business school HEC Paris; top VC funds (including Daphni, Ventech and Kima Ventures) which will have their offices on-site, the US-based TechShop Ateliers Leroy Merlin which will operate the on-campus prototyping lab.

Facebook in Poland has more female and young users, older users are more expensive in regards of advertising

Among Polish Facebook users 52.4% of them are women. Among the largest age group there are people from 13 to 34 years old, but older Internet users are quickly starting to arrive there too.

In September this year Facebook had 12.6 million registered Polish users – according to data from the advertising platform Catvertiser.com. In this group, 6 million were men and 6.6 million were women.

Nearly three-quarters of the Polish users are people within 13-34 years old. Visitors aged 13-18 years amounted in September to 2.6 million (20.6% of all the users), those aged 19-24 years amounted to 3 million (23.8 percent) and those within 25-34 years – 3 , 8 million (14.3 percent). However, in the last month there arrived more older users.

Because there are less older visitors, reaching them with advertising  is expensive. Rates for targeted advertising increase together with age of  the recipients at each sales model (CPC, CPA, CPM). However, for the oldest age group (65 years and older) they are slightly lower than for groups of 35-64 years.

Facebook creates the Client Council

Facebook launched the EMEA Client Council, a platform for exchange of experience for its business partners and agencies.

To the new forum Facebook has invited companies from the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Currently in EMEA Client Council you can find brands such as: BMW, Nestle, P & G, Red Bull, Samsung, Unilever and Walt Disney. According to the Facebook’s announcement, the group of companies will be constantly enlarged.

The new platform is designed to serve its participants as a place for dialogue, exchange of experiences and inspiration for the future of marketing in the changing world, in which new technologies of communication are becoming increasingly important. In particular, the increasing use of mobile devices and the related changes in consumer behavior. In turn, according to Facebook this is an opportunity for marketers to make marketing a more personal and effective tool.

In recent times, the biggest social network in the world has been trying to better adapt to marketing requirements of the mobile market by introducing tools of effective reach of Facebook clients to appropriate audiences.

At the end of June, Facebook had more than 1.3 billion users around the world.

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[VIDEO] Advertising on Facebook – do you like it or not?

One guy has just posted a video on YouTube where he explained several things regarding Facebook advertising, legal and illegal ways for getting likes, why it is not good to get likes from click-farms…

He made an experiment to prove that in his opinion Facebook advertising is fraud. If you watch this video you will find out why he think so. He mentioned several countries from SEEMEA region as a reason.

Do you advertise on Facebook? Do you like it? What do you think about this video? Most likely many people will see it as already more than 100K views on YT.