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Handmade products site Dirura has been launched for ex-Yugoslavian region


On a International Women’s Day, long awaited site for handmade products Dirura has been launched in Belgrade, Serbia. Dirura aims to become Etsy of the region of ex-Yugoslavia.

Region of ex-Yugoslavia is still untapped area in many Internet categories and although there are some well known ecommerce (auction and classified) sites in the region such as Limundo and Kupindo, Pik, Bolha,Pazar3 etc. still there is no well-known name in the field of handmade stuff.

One of the site co-founders Darko Vidić is CEO of design marketplace Green Design, regional equivalent of 99designs This project has been preparing for more than a year. Darko coined name Dirura, and it is acronym of “Dizajn ručnih radova” so “Design of handmade stuff”.

Now the real work actually begins. SEEMEA team wishes them good luck!

Consolidation brings forth new biggest portal in Poland

Orange Telecom has completed the sale of the oldest Polish horizontal portal Wirtualna Polska (wp.pl). The final price amounted to 383 mln PLN. Meanwhile, one of the buyers, O2 Group (o2.pl), has sold 20% of its shares to the fund MCI Management. The combined O2/WP is now the biggest portal in Poland.

WP and O2 will work together as the Grupa Wirtualna Polska. According to November’s data, the websites of  linked companies (taking into account shared visits) had 17.38 million of visitors and 2.82 billion of page views, taking the second place among web publishers after Google. They have the reach of 82% of the Polish internet.

The structural fusion will happen at the end of June. The new portal of the Grupa Wirtualna Polska has set itself a goal to achieve the level of 19.0 mln visitors montlhy, as it is the current result of Google with which the new structure wants to compete. They plan to develop video content, mobile offer and the premium content. After 5 years they plan to invest more in the e-commerce market.

Growing market of dating websites in Poland

More and more Polish Internet users are using dating sites.

Every 7th  user in the country does it. These website are most popular among men, people over the age of 55, users with vocational education – these are the main conclusions of the analysis conducted by the research company Gemius.

Number of Internet users who use dating sites has increased by almost 60 thousand people, which is 2%. This growth of users included more women and people under the age of 24 as well as those with lower secondary education, entrepreneurs, civil servants, skilled workers, farmers, housewives, the unemployed and students.

Most popular dating sites in Poland are: sympatia.pl, edarling.pl and sympatiaplus.pl.

Amazon arriving to Poland

Amazon, the American giant and one of the world’s biggest internet trading networks, plans to open three large logistics centers in Poland by 2015.

Within three years of their creation, Amazon will create 6 thousand of new workplaces. The company has just started to recruit for so-called ‘fulfillment centres’ and it is hiring production workers who will be responsible for the receipt of goods, warehousing and packaging. They also also team leaders and managers, computer scientists and engineers.

The ‘fulfillment centres’ are large warehouses where products are picked, packed and sent out to consumers. One Polish centre will be located in Sady (near Poznan) and two centres near the city of Wroclaw. Each centre will cover the area of 95.000 m2 and employ 2.000 people. Periodically, each centre will employ additional 3.000 people. In comparison, so far the largest distribution centre in Poland has belonged to UK supermarket chain Tesco, which covers an area of 60.000 m2.

The Polish logistic centres will be supporting Amazon’s retail operations all over Europe, particularly in Germany.

Bitcoin bans continuing, Russia joins the wave

Virtual currency Bitcoin had its ups and downs since it was first created, but even when things started looking up financial and sustainability wise, Bitcoin faces another threat. It is being banned by more and more countries, claiming financial safety concerns.

Face it or not, Bitcoin is probably here to stay. Well not according to some countries including China, Denmark, India and several others.The newest addition to this group is Russia, which imposed a full ban on Bitcoin, first declaring it a hazard to the property rights of the citizens. After the warning of the Russia’s Central Bank about the use of virtual currency and the danger of it financing terrorism, Russia issued a full ban on the use of any such currency.

On the other hand there are countries that endorse the use of this virtual currency. One of them being the US, where Bitcoin was declared a regular currency by one federal judge and should be regulated no different than the dollar or Euro.

So while some countries are banning the use of virtual currency and firmly clutching their local currencies, some are announcing laws and procedures to certify and regulate it.