Poland will produce electric cars

AK Motor Company will produce electric cars in Warsaw. The first model will be Syrena Nixi. On a fully charged battery it will be able to pass the route of 150 kilometers. Syrena Nixi is to be a completely Polish construction. AK Motor Company ensures that the project will be implemented by Polish engineers and the car will be assembled at the factory in Warsaw.

On board of Syrena Nixi fit only two people – the driver and passenger, and their luggage. However, not only the small size of the vehicle makes it perfectly behave on city roads. The manufacturer of the car promises that the car batteries can be charged to the level of 90% in just 15 minutes.

It remains unclear, however, when the electric vehicle will hit the Polish market and what will be its price. According to the manufacturer, it takes time to develop the car, especially if you don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality and safety. It is expected that the debut of Syrena Nixi will help to meet assumptions of the “Development plan for electromobility” in regards to charging spots for electric cars. This plan was announced in Poland at the end of last year. Its aim is to promote electric vehicles. The government assumes that by 2025 on Polish roads there will be a million of cars powered by electricity. Time will show how many of these cars would be signed by AK Motor…

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