Polish startup Jobsquare just acquired for over 500K EUR

Jobsquare works similarly to Tinder. The only difference is that instead of date, you can find a temporary job. The bValue.vc venture capital fund has just invested over 518.000 EUR in Jobsquare.

Poland job app

Jobsquare is an application that was created for recruitment in occupations, which don’t require a lot of experience – that is, temporary jobs, for example: hostesses, kitchen help, shop sales person etc. On the side of employers it is intended primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises. It fills a gap that leave traditional employment agencies and advertising services. What is this gap? In case of temporary employment agencies, a small entrepreneur must take into account high costs. Agencies often don’t want to recruit single employees, so the cost of service offered by them absorbs a significant part of the employees’ salary. On the other hand, people looking for temporary jobs are forced to flip through countless ads. And when they call, they often they hear the “out of date”, “yes but the conditions are a little different”, etc.

The application has been working since March 2016. So far only on smartphones with Android. Despite this, the company has already approximately 1,000 customers – employers and approximately 20,000 profiles of employees.

Jobsquare is the second investment conducted by bValue.vc fund. Earlier, in July this year, the fund had invested 450.000 EUR in Cracow’s startup CallPage, offering a system which allows a website to contact a potential customer in less than 30 seconds.

bValue.vc fund announced that within two years it plans to invest in 20-30 promising projects, mainly Polish ones, but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

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