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Startup bank N26 expands into 9 European countries

The company, formerly known as Number26, now offers accounts in 17 European countries. Bank-based mobile application extends its services to Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia.

Like the Atom Bank in the UK and GoBank in the United States, N26 is a fully mobile bank. Opening an account takes only eight minutes and this can be done by downloading the application on your device running iOS or Android. Customer identification is performed by a video call and requires to show your passport. After verification, the customer can transfer money to a free bank account and receive a MasterCard card.

The Bank currently operates in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Slovakia. In France, the use of bank services is currently limited, but probably will be again fully open in February.

N26 has received a banking license in July and has acquired over 200 000 customers in eight markets. The Bank says that its goal is to provide services to all Europeans over the next few years.

Serbian job app Poslonaut won 2 awards in Austria

It seems that there is a big demand for job apps which target temporary/additional/student jobs. Many people are looking to find a job or extra job that they can do few hours per day. In our previous post we wrote about Polish app Jobsquare which gain traction very fast and as a result, got acquired.

PoslonautSimilar story is with job app Poslonaut from Serbia. They launched also in 2016 and gain traction in a short time. Infostud, the biggest job platform in Serbia, recognized big potential of the app and made a partnership with the Poslonaut team. They have now around 900 active ads and around 30 000 users in the app.

Not only Infostud recognized value of the Poslonaut app. They won 2 awards in Austria, as well. They became one of the winners in European Youth Awards (EYA)  which was held in Graz. They were winners in the Money Matters category. Other winners in other categories were VEASYT Live! (Connecting Cultures), Unimersiv (Smart Learning), (Special Category 2016), Mira (Healthy Life), HAIZE the magic compass (Go Green), (Go Green), FreeCom (Active Citizenship), DayCape (Healthy Life), Be My Eyes (Healthy Life), Animal Hero Universe (Smart Learning), (Active Citizenship).

Also,  experts from Business Chamber of Styria, Unit Consulting and IT, decided that among winners of EYA, Poslonaut app has the biggest market potential so they won the UBIT 2016 award.