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UMER, a Russian ‘Uber’ for the deceased

Umer is a new app coming from Russia and made by Dmitriy Geranin whose purpose is to support people organize funerals for their loved ones. It is as convenient as transportation application Uber, but it assists you in organizing funerals, not rides.

A user selects the search key parameters by choosing the ritual and all the needed funeral accessories such as coffin and wreaths. Additionally the application helps to become familiar with current prices and a broad scale of funeral market. The application’s name is a play on “Uber”, shifting just a single letter to convert it into the Russian word for “Died”. There had been a few longer versions of the name, like “Kto-to umer” (“Someone has died”). Finally the creators decided to have a shorter and more brief and clear “umer” (“died”). The app is easy in use: there are a couple of fields to enter, providing information on who died and when, his or her religious confession and contact details. Then it presents the final price for services, which will be determined after the user agrees with the terms.

Umer isn’t yet up and running. It is still in development, however it has already made notable interest online. There exist some similar apps in the world, yet they are not introduced in such a truculent manner. And also there are in Europe many websites providing funeral arrangements.

Such application will rather not be downloaded without a special need. Yet, its creator has no doubts that people will recall Umer when they need it. The app is not a rival for funeral houses, cemeteries, nor other local services. It will rather bring them to clients, just like another distribution channel for them.

The creator is already negotiating franchise possibilities with Belarus and Estonia. If they succeed in Russian market, they plan to actively penetrate international market.

Slovenian Outfit7, known for Talking Tom, might be sold for € billion

There are rumors that Outfit7, a Slovenian-owned app maker, will be sold to a Chinese enterprise for as much as a billion of Euros.

Although this news has not been officially confirmed yet, the company known for apps like Talking Tom might make one of the greatest technological initials in the region. Outfit7 already launched 15 applications with 5 characters with total of 5.4 billion downloads and 300 million active users. A few years ago it realized cooperation with Disney. According to AppAnnie, Outfit7 was ranked as No. 6 publisher in games category in 2015 and as of August 2016 it has risen to No. 4. My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela were amongst Top 10 games in 2015. In 2015 the company achieved € 108 million revenues, of which € 80 million was its profit.

The company was founded in 2009 by Iza and Samo Login with seven colleagues engineers. They invested € 200,000 by selling shares acquired from Najdi.si Telekom Slovenia. Nowadays, Iza and Samo Login are known as the richest Slovenian couple. Together they created an empire with branches in 14 countries. The company is based in Cyprus, it is managed from London, while the Ljubljana branch employs 130 people.

So far Outfit7 neither confirmed, nor denied the news. Yet, due to the fact that the media coverage became louder, it is highly probable that we will soon hear it as an official announcement.

SEEMEA Region premiere – Arab Mobile App Challenge

The Arab Mobile App Challenge was held for the first time ever during January 2014. It gave the opportunity to everyone from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, UAE or Qatar to take part and show of their skills in designing and developing new innovative mobile apps.

More than 150 teams from participating countries took part in the challenge and developed interesting and amazing apps focused on the assigned segments.

Apps needed to be focused on education, entertainment, health or entrepreneurship,  and the top ranked teams will have the opportunity to participate in the Mobile World Congress Finals in Barcelona at the end of February.  Apart from this, the chanllenge also awarded three first place app winners valuable cash prizes.

Three main winners were Loujee, the first ever Arab iOS app powering an educational toy for children ($50,000); Crowd Analyzer, from the UAE, automated Arabic social media platform covering Middle East and North Africa ($30,000); Markabaty from Jordan, helping car owners find workshops and troubleshoot problems ($20,000).

The teams who will go on to the World Mobile Congress are:  ICAPS (UAE), Baharat (Saudi Arabia), EduTechnoz (Qatar), The Pen (Jordan), and Grant Fit (Tunisia).

The Arab Mobile App Challenge was organized by Silatech and Ooredoo from Qatar, as well as the Applied Innovation Institute from the US.