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Make it happpen – Twaweza

Positive change and initiative have always been the driving force behind progress, and among the places that need this kind of attitude are areas of Africa.

Twaweza is a ten-year citizen initiative focusing on large scale change in East Africa. The name means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. The main focus of this initiative is to give millions of people relevant and usable information with which they can influence a change from the “bottom-up”.

Tactics do not include working on small, individual projects, but rather reaching out on a large scale, through mass media, mobile phones, religion, teachers and consumer goods. Through partnerships they achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with their partners allowing them to be a part for the bettering of lives of ordinary people.

Founded four years ago by dr. Rakesh Rajani, Twaweza has already formed key partnerships with organizations across Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and adapted to best serve the needs of the people.

Twaweza has a strong online portal, and is active not only in mass media but also on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

[Conference report] Webiz 2.0 – You can’t get enough of a good thing

We have the pleasure of reporting during one of the most attractive conferences on business internet usage taking place in Zrenjanin, Serbia, just now. This is the second time that this conference is being held, after the incredible success and interest peak of last year.

Webiz 2.0 has managed to once again to offer a collection of valuable lectures, gathering the foremost IT experts in the region. Interest was even higher this year, as the conference hall was packed to the ceiling on the first day. Even so, the organization was outstanding, and the participants did not have to think about anything other than keeping their attention on the speakers – and that was hardly the problem.

Apart from the popular names in HR (Dušan Vukanović), IT law (Žarko Ptiček) and others, keynote presentation was taken by Google (Maja Magdelinić). The first day was wrapped up by a presentation from one other eminent IT expert Dejan Petrović, from a renowned Australian company Dejan SEO.

You can join us at Webiz 2.0 via LiveStream enabled by LiveTV, and you can also follow the comments on Twitter using hashtag #webiz. The conference is being held in Serbian language.

Primus Capital funds startup from Hungary – Maven7

As reported by SiliconGulash, Primus Capital investments from Hungary funded Maven7 for 575,000 Euros.

Maven7 is a B2B Hungary based startup, offering SaaS tools for analyzing organizations network in a unique way. Their product OrgMapper enables consultants to easily analyze networks within the organization, determine key points, decision makers and how they affect their environment. This analysis can point out strong and weak points in the organizational structure, allowing for implementation of correction measures in the fastest way possible.

This can lead to better goal achievement, optimization of processes, human resources and many other key company factors. Clients already include Coca-Cola, Nestle and many more international brands.

Primus Capital is backed by the EU JEREMIE program.

China acquires Lithuanian smartphone marketplace GetJar

GetJar, one of the very well known and used marketplace for free smartphone games got acquired. The buyer is Sungy Mobile Ltd. from China, the company behind the popular android app GoLauncher, who made the purchase for $5.3 million.

Transaction also included an incentive of 1.4 million shares to be paid to GetJar if they fulfill specific target goals in 2016. This puts the final price in the area of $35 million for this company.

Sungy Mobile made this investment for the purpose of using the data analytics from this platform in their marketing and advertisement strategy.

Back in 2012, GetJar was reported raising $42 million from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management.

Google loosing monopoly on mobile firmware to Yandex

Google is a “household” name in CIS software on Andorid based devices.  For the first time, it is receiving some intensive competition from a Russian based company Yandex.

Yandex is launching a free alternative to Google’s firmware, and has already signed with Huawei and Explay. These devices are hitting the market this spring.  Users who opt in for these devices will receive 50Gb on Yandex.Disk cloud storage as a cool bonus.

With flexible development possibilities Yandex firmware is very attractive not only to users but also to developers. Becoming a new platform it has incredible development potential. As an additional incentive, manufacturers will get a percentage from the revenue generated by Yandex.kit.

Nokia and Samsung have also announced that they will allow Yandex to install their search engine, and iPhone and iOS apps are soon to be released too.

Yandex already has several international projects, first of which was a portal in Turkey in 2011. Future plans include cooperation with Czech portal Seznam, which controls most of the domestic market despite Google’s presence.