Top 5 Greece startups that can make it big in 2014

There are countless startups popping up all around the world, that could dazzle and change how we experience online services. Right now, we are looking at the Top 5 startups in Greece, that can really make the headlines in 2014.

1. Taxibeat: is a smartphone application that totally changes the way we get a taxi. Enabling the user to call a taxi online, it also provides direct competition market between taxi providers, where users can rate them, see their location in real time, amenities, etc. at no extra cost. This startup popped up in 2011 and since then received over $6 million in funding, already expanding to other countries.

2. Workable: improves company performance by cutting its time in managing new job candidates. Replacing resumes with online profiles, it can successfully screen candidates based on manager’s preferences, skills, education and more. It started working in 2012, as a collaboration between a team in Athens and London, and in the past year alone Workable got 600,000 Euro in funding.

3. Dopios: is an application that enhances the traveler’s experience. Meaning “local” in Greek, this service offers travelers a chance to find out more about specific locations, plan their activities and even make friends. As a community marketplace, the locals are creating sites, events and activities, offering their services directly to travelers. It was founded in 2012, while last year it received around 120,000 Euros in seed funding.

4. LazyPub: is essentially a corporate reader, and a way in which companies can easily publish and distribute their PDF, HTML or EPUB reports and publications. Each company receives its own native, branded application suitable for both iOS and Android devices. This way brochures, magazines, financial reports, and much more can be distributed to everyone in the company with just a couple of clicks.

5. IRISena: is a powerful, and easy to use, push notification mobile marketing system. It can be used to easily and effectively send urgent info, news, promote events, special offers, activities and other messages. Designed for a closed ecosystem, it can connect people with similar interests. It also supports sending attachments such as PDF, photos and documents.

We prepared this list thanks to information got from the European Startup Initiative and portal EU-Startups.

Zack C.

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