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STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, will be opened in April 2017

The world’s largest startup campus, STATION F, will be soon opened in April 2017 in central Paris. The campus will own an area of 34,000m2 and it is dedicated for over 1,000 startups. In the startup zone there will be over 3,000 desks, private offices, meeting rooms, various event spaces, an auditorium for 360 attendees, an on-site fablab, a post office, a pop-up shop, a café, a 4-kitchen restaurant and a bar. In 2018 there will also be built a housing facility for 600 entrepreneurs to live in nearby apartments.

STATION F has just opened startup applications. You can apply to a variety of startup programs run by partners. Or you can apply to STATION F’s Founders Program from December 5th to February 5th online at www.stationf.co. The pricing is €195/desk/month.

STATION F revealed its first members: Facebook, TechShop, vente-privee, and more. Some of the first campus members will include various top-tier players from the international startup ecosystem: the incubator of top French business school HEC Paris; top VC funds (including Daphni, Ventech and Kima Ventures) which will have their offices on-site, the US-based TechShop Ateliers Leroy Merlin which will operate the on-campus prototyping lab.

What is coworking and how is it affecting SEEMEA region

Coworking is a concept of working in an open office, developed in 2005 by Brad Neuberg. With the modern, faced paced, way of doing business more and more large companies implemented the principle of distance working for their employees. This allowed workers to work from homes, and while this has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Working from home comes with a lot of distractions, and a non-work focused approach, so a lot of these people started working from coffee shops or rented offices. The same applies to freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs and everyone working from their own home.

Coworking concept allows you to work in a shared office space, with all the resources of the office with much less expense. You get the work environment, inspiring atmosphere, people around you with who you can network and socialize, and still get the work done.

75% of coworkers claimed working in a coworking space increased their productivity, 80% claimed they had an increase in business, while 92% claimed to have expanded their social circle, as researched by Deskmag, coworking magazine.

Another amazing fact is that coworking is growing exponentially in the past few years around the world, with 160 coworking spaces in 2008, 600 in 2010, 1130 in 2011 and 2150 spaces in 2012 worldwide.

As coworking spaces attract freelancers, startups, small business and other similar profiles, it is only naturally that we would see these essential focal points popping up throughout countries where freelancing and startups are becoming more developed. SEEMEA region for that matter has been a fertile ground for spreading the coworking concept and culture.

Still regarded as pioneers, several coworking spaces are opening throughout this region, paving the road for all those who will come after them and becoming much more than just offices where people work. Coworking spaces in SEEMEA are becoming the places to be if you are working online, developing your business or expanding your business network.

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan and much more countries have coworking initiatives or opened spaces. Check out this Coworkingmap project and visit a coworking place near you.