Warsaw Google campus will be designed for developers of technology start-ups. It is scheduled at the end of this year. The Campus is a perfect place for work and meetings for entrepreneurs. Headquarters will be located in the old factory of vodka. The history of the factory is very interesting, […]

In the eyes of international financial and economic experts, Poland has become a country of startups. Young, innovative Polish companies are often perceived by serious investors. Concepts, that have emerged in the offices of Polish startups, increasingly win prestigious contests in the world with foreign rivals. Most Polish startups, which […]

Owners of the social networking site NK.pl (previously operating as nasza-klasa.pl), headed by the fund Excolimp, are getting prepared to sell the website. Proposal offers have been submitted to the biggest Polish online publishers: Grupa Onet and Grupa Wirtualna Polska.  NK.pl owners already conducted an audit of the website and […]