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[VIDEO] Advertising on Facebook – do you like it or not?

One guy has just posted a video on YouTube where he explained several things regarding Facebook advertising, legal and illegal ways for getting likes, why it is not good to get likes from click-farms…

He made an experiment to prove that in his opinion Facebook advertising is fraud. If you watch this video you will find out why he think so. He mentioned several countries from SEEMEA region as a reason.

Do you advertise on Facebook? Do you like it? What do you think about this video? Most likely many people will see it as already more than 100K views on YT.

seemea - southern and eastern europe middle east and africa

Hello world! Welcome to SEEMEA!

Welcome to SEEMEA! In case you don’t know SEEMEA stands for Southern and Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa. We will cover topics from technology business from this region.

You will find out latest news, reviews of popular sites and products, read interviews with well-known companies as well from rising-star companies, see current job openings and upcoming events in the SEEMEA region, read in-depth analysis and many more.

Stay tuned!

SEEMEA region