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New job openings in SEEMEA region

If you are looking to find a job or to switch from your existing one to a new one, we have hand-picked some interesting openings in SEEMEA region. If you are a startup/company from SEEMEA and you have some open positions, feel free to let us know!

PrestaShop – French e-commerce platform for companies that want to offer e-shop on their sites has several open positions.

Help Desk / Technical Support, PHP Developer, Marketing Specialist – English Speaker, Business Development Specialist, Marketing Intern, Account Manager etc…

Peak Games – Turkish game studio has open several positions

Jr. Software Engineer (Unity), Office Assistant, Software Engineer Intern, Software Engineer (Android), Software Engineer (iOS), Software Engineer (Unity), UI Designer

Nordeus – developer of the leading online sports game TopEleven and recently launched Sportster has also several open positions in engineering, business, community, marketing, creative –
___________________ – is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce site in the Middle East and North Africa.

Content Officer, Data Analyst, PHP Developer, Senior Product Manager, Software Architect/Engineer



Handmade products site Dirura has been launched for ex-Yugoslavian region


On a International Women’s Day, long awaited site for handmade products Dirura has been launched in Belgrade, Serbia. Dirura aims to become Etsy of the region of ex-Yugoslavia.

Region of ex-Yugoslavia is still untapped area in many Internet categories and although there are some well known ecommerce (auction and classified) sites in the region such as Limundo and Kupindo, Pik, Bolha,Pazar3 etc. still there is no well-known name in the field of handmade stuff.

One of the site co-founders Darko Vidić is CEO of design marketplace Green Design, regional equivalent of 99designs This project has been preparing for more than a year. Darko coined name Dirura, and it is acronym of “Dizajn ručnih radova” so “Design of handmade stuff”.

Now the real work actually begins. SEEMEA team wishes them good luck!


Events in March in SEEMEA

We’ve placed events that we are aware in March. If you know some additional and it is related to technology and in SEEMEA region, feel free to let us know and we will include it.

ArabNet – Beirut, Lebanon – 4-6 March

4th Annual Africa Banking & Finance Conference – Nairobi, Kenya – 5-6 March

Go Youth Conference – Lisbon, Portugal – 15-16 March

Makerland 2014 – Warsaw, Poland – 17-19 March

Africa Trade Finance Week 2014 – Cape Town, South Africa – 17-19 March

ARABLAB – Dubai, UAE – 17-20 March

E-commerce One to One – Monaco, Monaco – 18-20 March

Ecommerce Show Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa – 18-20 March

Card and ePayment Africa Awards – Johannesburg, South Africa – 18-20 March

Webrazzi Digital – Istanbul, Turkey – 19 March

EU Future Internet Assembly – Athens, Greece – 18-20 March

Webiz, Zrenjanin, Serbia – 21-23 March

SME World Summit 2014 – Dubai, UAE – 26-27 March

Business Fashion & Technology – Krakow, Poland – 28 March privacy violation notice must place on home page notice of privacy fine

We all got used to see on Google’s home page only search box and very rarely something below of it, especially not some text regarding privacy fine. Well, if you go now to you can see notice below their search box or you can see it in this picture. A French court refused Google’s last minute complaint made on Friday to suspend an order. Therefore, Google will have to post a notice on home page for 48 hours that they were fined €150,000 which was the maximum amount court could impose for violating data collection laws.

Of course, it is not the money that matters for a company such is Google. No company wants to be told what to place on its home page. Especially if it could or would mean a negative PR for the company. Google filed a complaint to the Conseil d’Etat, France’s highest appeals court for administrative law stating that the fine was too severe and that it would create irrepairable damage to their reputation. As you can see on main page or in screen picture they needed to place notice on a central position below their search box using Arial font size 13.

If some of you are surprised for such order, it was not the first case like that. In the last year Apple was ordered to place a notice on its website that that Samsung didn’t violate design patent for its iPad.

You can read decision and press release by French court. (French content)