New job openings in SEEMEA region

If you are looking to find a job or to switch from your existing one to a new one, we have hand-picked some interesting openings in SEEMEA region. If you are a startup/company from SEEMEA and you have some open positions, feel free to let us know!

PrestaShop – French e-commerce platform for companies that want to offer e-shop on their sites has several open positions.

Help Desk / Technical Support, PHP Developer, Marketing Specialist – English Speaker, Business Development Specialist, Marketing Intern, Account Manager etc…

Peak Games – Turkish game studio has open several positions

Jr. Software Engineer (Unity), Office Assistant, Software Engineer Intern, Software Engineer (Android), Software Engineer (iOS), Software Engineer (Unity), UI Designer

Nordeus – developer of the leading online sports game TopEleven and recently launched Sportster has also several open positions in engineering, business, community, marketing, creative –
___________________ – is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce site in the Middle East and North Africa.

Content Officer, Data Analyst, PHP Developer, Senior Product Manager, Software Architect/Engineer


Polish branch of Panasonic becomes the headquarter for Central and Eastern Europe

Polish branch of Panasonic has been previously responsible for coordinating operations in Poland and in the Baltic countries. From April it will be the head office for the entire Central and Eastern Europe. Mr Ireneusz Smaga is appointed for the Managing Director position. He, has been previously the head of business activities in the Polish and Baltic countries.

Panasonic began operations in Poland in 1993. Since April 2008, the Polish branch of the company has also been responsible for business operations in the Baltic countries. From 1 April 2014 it will be extended once again and it will be responsible for sales and marketing in Poland and 17 other markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Amazon is giving up free shipments to Poland

The British branch of the online store Amazon announced that from now on all consignments carried to Poland will have to be paid for.

Amazon has announced the shipping fees to Poland and also to several other European countries. Among them are: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden. Each order will now be associated with an additional cost, which in the case of Poland will be about $ 25.


Free shipping present has been available in the store  from October 2010 under the name of Free Super Saver Delivery. It pertained to orders with a value greater than £25. Amazon has not revealed its official reasons for changing these rule. Probably economic issues are hidden behind this decision.

The change seems to be surprising especially because in September last year Amazon announced opening of a logistics center in Poland. It is supposed to employ  about 6 thousand of Polish employees.

1,1 million of printing devices sold in 2013 in Poland with HP being a dominator

According to the research firm IDC, in 2013 in Poland there were sold 1,1 million of printing devices . Almost half of the market belongs to HP.
Compared with 2012 , the number of printing devices sold in Poland fell by slightly more than 1% . However, the market also grew by 1% , mainly due to increased demand for more expensive  devices targeted to the business sector .


The largest segment of the Polish market of printing devices a is represented by multifunction inkjet devices , which sales reached 576 thousand  pieces. Next in this respect were laser printers (283 thousand) , multifunction laser devices (216 thousand) and inkjet printers (29 thousand) .
Among manufacturers , the leader was HP, which accounted for over 47% of  Polish market of printing devices . On the second place was the Brother (15.%) , and the third – Canon (14.5%) .