[Conference report] Webiz 2.0 – You can’t get enough of a good thing

We have the pleasure of reporting during one of the most attractive conferences on business internet usage taking place in Zrenjanin, Serbia, just now. This is the second time that this conference is being held, after the incredible success and interest peak of last year.

Webiz 2.0 has managed to once again to offer a collection of valuable lectures, gathering the foremost IT experts in the region. Interest was even higher this year, as the conference hall was packed to the ceiling on the first day. Even so, the organization was outstanding, and the participants did not have to think about anything other than keeping their attention on the speakers – and that was hardly the problem.

Apart from the popular names in HR (Dušan Vukanović), IT law (Žarko Ptiček) and others, keynote presentation was taken by Google (Maja Magdelinić). The first day was wrapped up by a presentation from one other eminent IT expert Dejan Petrović, from a renowned Australian company Dejan SEO.

You can join us at Webiz 2.0 via LiveStream enabled by LiveTV, and you can also follow the comments on Twitter using hashtag #webiz. The conference is being held in Serbian language.

Internet is the leading source of information and entertainment for the Poles

If the Poles were to choose only one medium of information and entertainment,  82% of them would choose the Internet. Only every 10th person would choose TV and 3,6% would choose the radio and 2,5% prefers the printed press.

SW Research survey results indicate the respondents’ age does not significantly affect preferences for selecting the key medium. In each age group the predominant answer was “internet” over other media, which seems to be very significant.

Internet’s advantage in marketing is a matter of conscious choices of the recipients. It is obvious that it is no longer effective to communicate brands without  participating in online media. Even only through blogs, which are one of many available Internet communication platforms, the marketers can already reach almost 10 million of Poles. Facebook provides even greater reach.

Yahoo abruptly rises its popularity in Poland

In recent months, Yahoo has been visited  by 4.000.000 Polish Internet users. That is over  three times more than before. This reflects the global popularity growth of the portal, resulting from developing existing services and acquisition of new ones.

According to Megapanel/PBI research, in the first half of last year Yahoo.com had from 1,1 to 1,4 million users  per month . This frequency of visits was similar to the whole 2012 year, when there were from 1,05 to 1,4 million Internet users per month.

But in the second half of last year Yahoo’s popularity began to grow rapidly. In July and August the portal had about 2 million Polish Internet users , and in September there was another jump – the number of users doubled to 4 million and it has been remaining at this level in the last months.

The sudden rise in popularity of Yahoo may be a result from the latest changes. In May last year Yahoo acquired Tumblr for 1,1 billion dollars.

The sudden rise in popularity of the portal in Poland happened just after a month of introducing the new logo.

Experts also believe that this growth of Yahoo visits is due to growing popularity of its search engine (operating at search.yahoo.com ). In August of last year It had 819 thousand of Polish users and 3,9% range, while in September  it had 3,42 million of Polish users and 16,3% range.

Despite that, at the end of last year Yahoo decided to close its Polish language version, which has been operating for three years.


Handmade products site Dirura has been launched for ex-Yugoslavian region


On a International Women’s Day, long awaited site for handmade products Dirura has been launched in Belgrade, Serbia. Dirura aims to become Etsy of the region of ex-Yugoslavia.

Region of ex-Yugoslavia is still untapped area in many Internet categories and although there are some well known ecommerce (auction and classified) sites in the region such as Limundo and Kupindo, Pik, Bolha,Pazar3 etc. still there is no well-known name in the field of handmade stuff.

One of the site co-founders Darko Vidić is CEO of design marketplace Green Design, regional equivalent of 99designs This project has been preparing for more than a year. Darko coined name Dirura, and it is acronym of “Dizajn ručnih radova” so “Design of handmade stuff”.

Now the real work actually begins. SEEMEA team wishes them good luck!

Google takes a closer look at the Polish systems for links exchange

The leader of  Google Search Quality Team, Matt Cutts,  has announced on his Twitter profile to take actions towards two Polish link exchange systems.

Cutts does not reveal specifically which systems he is considering. It is only known that the team responsible for the quality of results in Google search came across them while carrying out comprehensive measures aimed at German systems of this type.

These are not the first steps of Google to limit the effectiveness of websites and agencies which use black SEO methods. Previously, Google actively fought against this type of activity in France, currently its attention is focused on Germany.

Two years ago, Google removed from the first few pages of search results links to several Polish sites for nearly a month (for example: Ceneo.pl, Nokaut.pl, Tablica.pl, Skapiec.pl and Fotka.pl). According to Google, they were benefiting from link exchange systems.